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  • Can I use the "Haus Made Products" on my face?"
    While our products are safe for your body we recommemnd the using them from the neck down. The skin on our faces tend to be more sentive due to size of skin cells, thinness of skin, oil glands, and even the number of hair follicles. Plus, salt in the eye isn't the most relaxing us!
  • How do I know what scent is for me?
    We understand you can't smell 100+ scents over the internet so we made it easy. Choose from one of our signature scents you will love guaranteed. If there is a certain scent you're drawn to give us a call and we can recommend our top sellers in that aroma category.
  • How do I order something I saw in store but not online?
    If you are wanting a goodie you saw in store but it's not online give us a call at 830.302.7999. We are happy to help!
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in the heart of Gruene at 1244 Gruene Rd. in New Braunfels, TX 78130. Find us across the street from Gruene River Grill.
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